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From the beginning, we've delivered more than just kitchen designs, cabinets, or kitchen and bath advice. We're focused on bringing your kitchen and bath visions to life–whatever those look like to you. You can rely on our expertise to take your idea and turn it into a final product, whether you know a lot or a little about kitchen and bath remodeling.

Our unique approach to design and implementation goes beyond traditional concepts. We think way outside of the box. Colors, textures, functions, features, lighting concepts, end-use considerations, and more are design elements we use, often in unique ways, to create the perfect space for your needs. Just because it's always been done a certain way, doesn't mean it has to be done that way forever.

This incredible group of people with the talents, skills, expertise, and ability to deliver a finished product of this caliber is hard to find under one roof. Luckily, we were able to gather them all together, right here in Marquette, Michigan. 




Christine Coluccio-McGuire enjoys helping our clients create unique designs to suit their homes. She’s been helping the people of the Upper Peninsula design and build their dream kitchens for over a decade, and her reputation for excellence has put her talents in great demand. She’s a naturally gifted artist with a knack for numbers. Originally from the UP, she has lived, worked, and gathered inspiration all over the United States. 

Of her years spent working in the fine dining industry in New York City, Christine says this,

"The years spent in a professional kitchen have taught me how to best function and prioritize the strategic placement of workspaces and appliances. From the way a kitchen is mapped out, the workspace and appliances that are being utilized, and even the lighting choices–they all have a profound impact on the function, appearance, and flow of a kitchen.” 

As a designer here at Marquette Kitchen & Bath, Christine will help bring your vision to life. It’s what she does best, and we’re glad to have her!


The people behind Marquette Kitchen and Bath all have different talents, skills, and expertise when it comes to kitchen and bath design, remodeling, building, and construction. But they do have one thing in common–a natural desire to help others succeed. It's the common thread that runs from the top down and permeates the company's culture on a daily basis. 


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"My husband and I were more than pleased with the wonderful advice and then workmanship on our kitchen/dining room renovation. Care and precision was given in every detail. Deadlines were manageable and the clean-up was done daily. We have been bragging about them for 12 months."

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"MK&B just finished our kitchen remodel. I feel we were very lucky to get them. They were friendly and professional from the start. They're not pushy and will work with you until you decide exactly what you want and are ready to move ahead. They and the other workers associated with them did a wonderful job. We ran into a few things that they also diagnosed and were able to do those extras right away. Brad, the project manager is easy to work with and communicates very well with the clients. Christine is very nice and easy to work with and certainly knows how to design a kitchen. Her assistant Shawnie is also very helpful...These people show up on time, and do a great job. We are very pleased with our kitchen..."

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"Very nice inside friendly workers and very helpful."

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Mon. - Fri.    10 am - 5:30 pm